Avoidance and Excuses

September 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

**This is all over the place. I apologize in advance.**

I read a blog post on Jennifer Pastiloff’s blog The Manifest-Station called “Avoidance”. Please take a moment and go read that.

Back? Good.

I read this yesterday, outloud to my husband on the way home from my parent’s house from a delicious dinner. While I was reading it I was asking my husband (and myself) “How can someone be going deaf for 15 years, and not do anything about it?! That’s insane! Eventually you’d just go, right?”

Then as we were discussing it, I came to a horrible realizaiton. I have been avoiding something for a long time, just as long as Jennifer avoided her hearing loss. My weight.

I have been overweight for almost 15 years now. Sure it was a steadily increase, and it hasn’t been absolutly horrible until the last few years, but it’s there. I made excuses. I avoided the topic. I would tell myself “I’m not THAT overweight” or “Other people are just as big” or “I won’t get health problems because of it…that only happens to other people.” I would always make up a reason not to lose weight, I would make up a reason to eat that food that I wanted even though it wasn’t on my diet plan, I would make up a reason to not exercise. Excuse after excuse after excuse.

“One slice of cheesecake won’t kill me.”

“Skipping one night won’t hurt.” Three days later “It’s only been three days. I can start back up, but tomorrow.”

And the sad thing is this isn’t just something that affects us with health. It’s everything. It’s mental illnesses, it’s abuse, it’s hurting others, it’s not calling to talk to someone, it’s not doing better in school, it’s not crafting or participating in a hobby. All we do is avoid and make excuses for things that we say we want because of how difficult or awkward it’s going to be.

With depression people tell themselves they don’t need to seek help becuase “they’re just sad” or “they’ll feel better after they sleep”.

People in abusive relationship tell themselves “I deserved it” or “He’s just having a bad day”.

Hobbiest tell themselves “I’ll write tomorrow. Tomorrow is better for me anyways.”

Guess what?

That weight will only get worse: stick to your diet plan.

The relationship is not going to get better if you don’t try to improve it: talk it out.

If he’s abusive he probably will keep being abusive: end the relationship (go somewhere save if you need to).

If you want to write: WRITE! Create, DO IT.

Stop making excuses. Stop finding reasons to avoid your problems and just do things! Be the change, be the reason your life is what you want it to be. Don’t get lazy and find reasons not to. Turn off social media, set a plan in place, and do it.

Day 8 – 11

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Lazy day, no working out today. Ate healthy though, so that’s always good. We were supposed to go bowling but decided against it. I did read most of the day, which is good for my mental health more than my physical health. I’ve been reading The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher for the second time, I’m not book 8 now, pushing throw to read the newest book, Skin Game, Book #15. I took a small break and read Jen Ponce’s The Bazaar, which was also a very good book. A nice little change with a very interesting story that kept me hooked for 2 days while I read it.

All in all, I stayed within my points and drank plenty of water.


Did my workout again, yay! DDP Yoga’s Energy, during my break. One thing I noticed is I’ve been actually feeling my spine more. It’s not necessarily good or bad, I just…feel it. The stretches feel really good, and it makes my back a lot less stiff when I do them. On the other hand, it needs a break during the weekend for my muscles to get back from  being super sore. I’m going to try to workout five days again this week.

I ate healthy, some chicken helper (which, yes is proceesed, but overall not that bad for you). I stayed within my points, and drank my water. My roommate started her job, and we planned out our food for the week so we can get the ball rolling and get some more food in this house!


I have been very VERY snacky today. Nothing horrible, and I stayed within my points (even with a splurge of some sushi from Publix). I drank plenty of water, and exercised, even though it’s afterwork (late!) I’m hoping it helps with my headache again, like it has been.


Something I found online the other day irked me, and I wanted to write about it here.

I saw a post that said “The more you workout, the weaker his knees get.”

Ok, first off, if you are losing weight to impress someone else stop it right now. Weight loss shouldn’t be about looking good for someone, it should be about becoming healthy and being fit. Weight loss is a journey about making YOU feel good, build confidence, have motivation to do more with your life, and to make it so you’re healthy and can get rid of your health problems.

I hate when people say they’re losing weigh because they think someone will be more attracted to them because of it. I have had people turn me down on dates (when I was on Plentyoffish.com 4+ years ago, before meeting my husband) because of my size, and you know what? Good. That means that I got rid of someone who didn’t deserve me. Date someone who loves you for who you are, not what you look like. Now, if you look good because YOU wanted to look good, then you know what, make sure they deserve you.

Off my soap box now. (I’ve been stepping on a lot of those this week.)


As for my day, it went well. I didn’t exercise, but I’ll do that tomorrow and all will be good. 🙂

Day 4 – 7

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Tex Mex for breakfast again, another good day of no soda, no processed foods, and lots of water. Had a few hiccups where the husband offered me some pringles, but told him I didn’t want any, even though I really do.

During my lunch I wanted to take a nap, but I forced myself to workout instead (even though my roommate was still sleeping). I feel accomplished, but still tired. Had tilapia with some broccoli, which was filling and satisfying.

Dinner should be good. Making lime pork tacos, 9 WW+ points for 2 tacos. Just need to get a lime, and I can make them a bit later.

So other than craving some chips today, it was a good day. 🙂



Friday felt like a very long day. I was sore, and tired, and did I mention sore? I worked out during lunch, nothing special for food during the day. Ultimately we went to Chili’s for dinners to celebrate with a friend, and I did make some good choices there: 6 oz. Lean Choice Sirloin Steak with broccoli and corn. Total points was 8 pts. I did splurge a little with some fried onions, but I counted them and only went over my daily points by 4 pts. Not bad over all.

Unfortunately, because I went out Friday night my Saturday weigh in was going to be compromised (sodium, even if I made mostly healthy choices and drank water only). I decided to use my weigh in for Friday morning as my weekly weigh-in instead of my Saturday Weight Watchers weigh in.

My Friday weigh-in was 266.6 lbs, which is -4.0lbs for the week, and a total of 12.4 lbs from my highest! So excited!


Saturday morning was my Weight Watchers meeting. I went in, didn’t weigh in (due to sodium issues) but got to celebrate my 4lbs lost and the fact that I haven’t had a soda in a week. The meeting host, Melissa, was funny (as always) and was super encouraging to everyone.

For breakfast I ended up having Chicken Helper which was really yummy, only 10 pts. Ashley made it. For lunch I had a salad. I’m not sure what I’m going to have for dinner but I still have 22 pts left for the day. I’ll be good 🙂

Some motivation:

Day 1 – 3

August 6, 2014 § Leave a comment


Today is going well so far. I worked out twice yesterday, and I’m feeling motivated today. As of 6pm I haven’t had any soda, just 2 cups of coffee (with Stevia and fat free creamer), and I’ve eaten oatmeal for breakfast, string cheese and peanuts as a snack, and fish with broccoli for lunch. I’ve also had three bottles of water so far, and though I have a headache (unrelated to caffiene withdrawl, I believe) I feel good. I’m hoping to work out after work tonight with my roommate, if not I’ll work out on my own.

Finally got my exercise in at 10:30pm at night (after work) and it finally got rid of my headache (after multiple excedrin attempts and staying in the dark for a bit too.



I found an amazing receipe yesterday that I tried for breakfast this morning, and damn! It was good.

Tex-Mex Breakfast Sandwich

I used one egg instead of 2 egg whites (why waste?) and a regular english muffin instead of multigrain (what I had on hand) and it was only 6 WW+ points, 4 less than my normal breakfast sandwich. It was just as filling too, with the avocado. So yummy!

I did my exercising, Fat Burner from DDP Yoga, and it kicked my butt! But, hey, I did it! Made some yummy pork thai burgers mixed with mushrooms, super good!
Some inspiration for tomorrow:


Today was a pretty good day. I had the Tex-Mex breakfast again (yum!) and worked out during my lunch break, after having some leftovers from last night. Tonight for dinner we will be having porkchops cooked in BBQ Sauce in the slow cooker. 11 pts over some rice, which isn’t too bad for 2 ingredients! Day 3 of no soda, doing good so far. Haven’t been having any cravings for it, thanks to some coffee.


Hopefully this keeps up 🙂

A Fresh Start

August 3, 2014 § 2 Comments

Weight loss has always been an issue in my life. I never had the motivation, or felt like it was a waste of time because of stupid thoughts and lack of motivation. I always start, never keep going, always give up, always make excuses.


No more. I’m done with excuses, I’m tired of making up reasons and blaming others for my problems. I started to make some changes.

About a month ago I started Weight Watchers with my best friend. So far, I’ve lost 5 lbs but I haven’t been dead set on tracking.

About two weeks ago I stopped drinking energy drinks and started drinking one or two cups of coffee instead, with a small amount of stevia and 2 tbsp of creamer.

About a week ago I got my new workout in the mail. DDP Yoga (ddpyoga.com) and I am LOVING it so far. It’s a low impact yoga that’s meant for people that have bad backs and knees (me). It’s very helpful and feels really good on my back so far.

Tomorrow I’m making another major change (other than tracking). I’m going to stop eating processed foods and drinking soda. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think it will help me start nipping things in the butt.

My highest weight ever was 279.8lbs. As of Saturday’s weigh in at Weight Watchers I am 270.6lbs! So far that’s a 9.2 lb weight loss. We shall see where this takes me at the end of the week.

Motivational Monday #4

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Every one wants to make a change in their life, but they always think that tomorrow will be the best day to start. Instead, starting making the change today. Instead of pigging out one last time, or not exercising today because it’s too late, find a new way to solve your problem. Make it your day. 🙂

Food Friday #4

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The other day, I tried some “Morning Pizza” and was not disappointed. You take a slice of bread, I used french bread, and then warm it up. Add some ricotta cheese, and then some sliced tomato. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top and drizzle with olive oil and it’s delicious!

It’s quick, easy, and delicious. I tried toasting the bread and broiling the tomato for a bit more of a pizza taste and it does work, though I’m not a fan of cooked tomato. In the future I will just have it cold, I think.